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Committed to Excellence.

At Bee Media, our team works across a wide range of disciplines, from branding and design to content creation to digital marketing. What brings us all together is our dedication to our clients, our passion for digital innovation, and our commitment to helping our clients not just succeed but surpass expectations.

We operate on a basis of transparent partnership. We want what’s best for your business, and are committed to helping your business grow in ways that make sense for your industry and your unique positioning. We provide monthly reports to show you what’s working, what’s not, and how we can grow. 

We promise to provide value- in every sense of the word!

Meet Abby

Abby is a social media guru and is passionate about injecting life into business' online presence .

She has worked with Global companies on their digital marketing teams and is excited to bring her skills to your business! 


Meet Kevin

Kevin is a talented photographer and videographer. He learned his skill through a major media company in Ireland. 

Videography is a huge part of digital marketing since the introduction of  Youtube, Instagram reels and TikTok. He is sure to deliver a quality product... and probably make you laugh along the way!


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